The Great Gatsby

Right After F. Scott Fitzgerald Died, John Dos Passos Defended His Talent With This Letter
September 02, 2014

"For a man who is making his living as a critic to write about Scott Fitzgerald without mentioning The Great Gatsby just means that he doesn’t know his business."

John Dos Passos and Glenway Westcott Remember F. Scott Fitzgerald
December 20, 2013

Read what John Dos Passos said at the time

On Screen, 'Gatsby' is Beautiful—and Damned Boring
May 09, 2013

The book was about class anxieties, not classy parties. The movie, not so much.

Former Fugleman
May 08, 2013

Recently, there appeared two items concerning H. L. Mencken, and I wish that somebody would explain them. Taken together, they don't make sense. Item I. The Modern Library has reprinted Scott Fitzgerald's best novel, The Great Gatsby.

Flapper Jane
May 08, 2013

Jane’s a flapper. That is a quaint, old-fashioned term, but I hope you remember its meaning. As you can tell by her appellation, Jane is 19. She urgently denies that she is a member of the younger generation.

Gatsby Speaks!
May 07, 2013

A letter from the great beyond.

The 'Gatsby' Baz Luhrmann Should Have Made
April 12, 2013

Forget DiCaprio—what we really need is a modern-day Gatsby. Bernie Madoff could take a supporting role.

TNR Film Classics: ‘The Great Gatsby’ (April 13, 1974)
January 21, 2012

When I saw the 1949 film of The Great Gatsby, the only other person in the screening room was Edmund Wilson(whom I didn’t know). Afterward, as he left, a smiling Paramount publicity man asked him how he had liked the picture. “Not very much, I’m afraid,” said Wilson,and kept walking to the elevator.

The Usefulness of Cranks
September 30, 2009

Paradise Found: Nature in America at the Time of Discovery By Steve Nicholls (University of Chicago Press, 524 pp., $30) American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau Edited by Bill McKibben (Library of America, 1,047 pp., $40) Defending The Master Race: Conservation, Eugenics, And The Legacy Of Madison Grant By Jonathan Peter Spiro (University of Vermont Press, 462 pp., $39.95) A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir By Donald Worster (Oxford University Press, 535 pp., $34.99) A Reenchanted World: The Quest for A New Kinship With Nature By James William Gibson (Metropolitan Books,