Gun Control

Maybe the Supreme Court Isn't as Pro-Gun as We Thought
Justice Kennedy rejects an audacious new NRA argument
June 16, 2014

Justice Kennedy rejects an audacious new NRA argument.

Bloomberg's Going Long on Gun Control. But 2014 Comes First.
April 16, 2014

4 big things you need to know about Everytown for Gun Safety.

Are Guns a Public Health Issue? Let Us Count The Ways...
April 03, 2014

Lead from ammunition. Loss of hearing from gunshots. Widespread PTSD.

Gun Control's Next Chapter Is All About Background Checks
February 28, 2014

Gun activists prep for another fight over background checks.

"The Strongest Evidence We Have that Background Checks Really Matter"
A new study makes the case for gun control
February 18, 2014

A new study on universal background checks makes the strongest case yet that the policy saves lives.

Brian Schweitzer, Would-Be Liberal Hero, is an NRA Darling
January 08, 2014

He wants to run against Hillary from the left. His gun and environment records will make that tough.

A Year After Newtown, Little Has Changed
Don't blame fate. Blame these politicians.
December 12, 2013

Naming names for legislative cowardice

If You Don't Think Newtown Changed America's Gun Debate, Consider These Facts
December 12, 2013

Both sides are spending more and fighting harder.

Gun Control Advocates Are Embracing a Tactic That Beat Apartheid
December 11, 2013

If you can't beat the gun nuts, you can scare off the people who fund them