Why Americans Don't Treat Fatal Gun Negligence as a Crime
April 26, 2015

Something's wrong when people who accidentally shoot kids get to keep their guns.

Your Uber Driver Could Be Packing Heat, and You Wouldn't Know It
April 22, 2015

The company lets drivers carry guns. Lyft doesn't.

Don't Blame the Grand Jury for Not Indicting Darren Wilson. Blame the Law.
November 25, 2014

Want cops to be held accountable? Then change the law.

My Day at the Shooting Range with a Merry Band of Bubbies
October 16, 2014

For $125, JewsCanShoot teaches the basics in just five hours.

Democrats Who Stand With the NRA Win Nothing
October 06, 2014

In fact, two of them just might lose this fall.

A Gun-Carrying GOP Congressman Is Outraged a Man With a Concealed Gun Got Near Obama
October 01, 2014

People carrying concealed weapons aren't dangerous, right?

Gabby Giffords's Gun-Control Ads Are Being Criticized Because They're Working
September 25, 2014

They even forced a GOP candidate to change her position.