Harold Ford , Jr.

New York's Second Senate Seat
January 15, 2010

Some 40-odd years ago, Chuck Schumer was my student. A few years after that, I became his student. No, not in a formal classroom sense, but in the political dimension. If you watch him, you learn a lot. He's a stand-up liberal, a New York liberal at that. But he is also an effective liberal, which means he sometimes compromises--a sin on the Upper West Side, where politics often means that you shouldn't compromise ... ever. At 23, Chuck ran for the New York State Assembly and won. Then he went to the House of Representatives and, in 1998, to the U.S.

Imus V. Ford
April 12, 2007

Imus drags Harold Ford, Jr., into the Rutgers morass: "My position on all of this is not whining about the hideously hypocritical coverage from the newspapers--from everybody--or the lack of support, say, from people like Harold Ford, Jr. who I had my life threatened over supporting and all these kind of things." Interesting. It's true that Ford has long been a regular guest on Imus--and Fox News, by the way--presumably in part because it helped Ford reach the white cultural conservatives he knew would be key to a statewide run in Tennessee.