Herman Rosenblat

Lawyers Prepare For Rosenblat Feud
December 29, 2008

When Berkley Books announced it was canceling the Feb. 3 release of Herman Rosenblat's Holocaust memoir, Angel at the Fence, the publisher said it would demand that Rosenblat and his agent Andrea Hurst repay the entire advance. In the days since Berkley yanked Rosenblat's book, Hurst has consulted lawyers to "protect her interests," while a lawyer for film producer Harris Salomon told me tonight that their side is considering a fight against publisher's decision to pull the book. On Dec.

How Tnr Exposed A New Oprah-endorsed Memoir As A Hoax
December 29, 2008

Last week, TNR published an article by Gabriel Sherman, whose original reporting revealed that a new Oprah-touted Holocaust memoir, Angel at the Fence, was a hoax. Based on interviews with top scholars, Sherman concluded that Herman Rosenblat likely fabricated his story of having been saved in a sub-camp of the Buchenwald concentration camp by a girl who threw apples to him over the fence. (According to Rosenblat's story, he later met her in New York on a blind date and married her.)  The publishing company stopped responding to Sherman when he questioned the book's fact-checking process.

Rosenblat's Lies "always Hurtful" Says Son
December 28, 2008

The Rosenblat family is coming to terms with the revelations exposed by TNR that Herman Rosenblat lied about his love story that he met his future wife outside the fence of the Schlieben concentration camp, which formed the central premise of his Holocaust memoir, Angel at the Fence. This afternoon, I spoke with Herman's son Ken Rosenblat, who is still stunned by his father's deception. Ken told me by phone that he had in fact known of his parents' lie for many years but hadn't been able to stop them. "My father is a man who I don’t know. I can’t understand it.

Movie Based On Canceled Memoir Will Go Forward (though Script May Change...)
December 27, 2008

Here's a statement from Harris Salomon, the producer of the film adaptation of Herman's memoir. Salomon plans to continue making the film, but noted that he "may rewrite elements of the script to reflect recent revelations about Herman and Roma Rosenblat and why they apparently fabricated elements of their wartime love story." The full release is below: "Like most followers of the deeply moving Holocaust story of Herman and Roma Rosenblat, Atlantic Overseas Pictures is deeply troubled by the allegations that parts of the love story may be fictionalized.

Agent: Rosenblat Told Me That Love Story Is Fake
December 27, 2008

Well, they're all talking now. Herman Rosenblat's agent Andrea Hurst just emailed her statement regarding the canceled memoir, Angel at the Fence:   "It is with heavy heart that I share what I learned today from my client, Herman Rosenblat, about his book, Angel at the Fence.

Ken Waltzer On Canceled Memoir: "where Were The Culture Makers?"
December 27, 2008

Professor Ken Waltzer, the director of Michigan State University's Jewish Studies program, just sent along this statement on Berkley's announcement that they have canceled Herman Rosenblat's memoir, Angel at the Fence. Beginning in late November, Waltzer began raising questions to Herman's agent and the publisher that the book was fabricated. His numerous e-mails went unanswered by the publisher. In my own reporting, Waltzer's research formed the basis for establishing that Herman's story could not have happened as he told it.  "I am saddened by the whole thing," Waltzer writes.

Publisher Cancels Rosenblat Memoir After Tnr Exposes Hoax
December 27, 2008

Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Group, announced tonight that it was canceling Herman Rosenblat's Holocaust memoir, Angel at the Fence: The True Story of a Love That Survived, which was set to be published on February 3.

Wartime Lies
December 26, 2008

Update: On Saturday, December 27, Berkley Books announced that it is canceling publication of Angel at the Fence. Click here to read more about it. On February 2, 2007, Herman Rosenblat’s older brother Sam died. When he was on his deathbed, Herman went to visit him in the hospital in Florida. “When Herman tried to talk to Sammy, he looked away,” Sam’s widow Jutta Rosenblat told me on the phone on the afternoon of December 25.

Update: Disputed Oprah-endorsed Holocaust Memoir Contradicted By More Witnesses
December 26, 2008

We've just published a new article updating Gabriel Sherman's original reporting on the Holocaust memoir Angel at the Fence. Publisher Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Group, continues to defend the memoir, but auther Herman Rosenblat's sister-in-law and a fellow Holocaust survivor, both speaking publicly for the first time, say that Herman's story is fabricated.

Penguin Silent On Rosenblat Memoir
December 23, 2008

Penguin still hasn't responded to claims that Herman Rosenblat's memoir, Angel at the Fence, is embellished, or invented. This afternoon, Publishers Weekly contacted Penguin to respond to my piece, but no one at the publisher was available for comment. Harris Salomon, the film producer making the $25 million dollar movie adaptation of Rosenblat's memoir, is fighting back against Prof. Kenneth Waltzer's claims that the story may not be true. After my piece ran, Salomon wrote Waltzer and told him that he had "referred this matter to our attorney," according to Waltzer.