QEDaily: Here's How the Poor Really Live
June 27, 2014

In a new survey, conservative voters said they thought the poor had it "easy." The evidence says otherwise.

Congress Fails on Food Stamps with Little Fanfare
December 13, 2013

The legislature’s failure to pass a farm bill in 2013 “serves as a poster child for congressional dysfunction,” Norm Ornstein inveighed in the National Journal Thursday.

This One Map Shows Why Food Stamps Are So Crucial
November 22, 2013

And why we can't let Republicans cut them even more.

The Inspiring Story of How One Food Bank Got Healthy
September 16, 2013

May 1998. The Stop, a small food bank in Toronto, doesn’t open for another hour but already a lineup has formed at the double-steel doors opening into a back street. I nod at one of the guys, someone I recognize, and he looks back at me hopefully.