The PICTURE: Nerd Rules
September 15, 2010

(Click here to see a slideshow of these stunning tools and charts.) When material culture really matters, there is something dematerialized about its materiality. Most people will agree that a beautifully designed chair—or a beautifully designed pair of scissors—has an aura about it. The truth is that no purely utilitarian analysis can describe the cultural significance of a man-made object, even the most blandly utilitarian one. Poets and painters understand this.

Trouble in Beantown
September 29, 2009

A month-old labor dispute in Boston has taken a curious twist. It began when on August 31, a hundred housekeepers at three Hyatt hotels in Boston were fired and replaced by workers from a Georgia company, Hospitality Staffing Solutions. The housekeepers, some of whom had worked for Hyatt for over twenty years, were making between $14 and $16 an hour plus health, dental, and 401(k) benefits. Their replacements were to make $8 an hour with no health benefits.