Ian Smith

The Mugabelogue
July 02, 2008

Who’s interested in Zimbabwe, and why? How should Westerners understand the situation there? And could this all be Jimmy Carter’s fault? T.A. Frank and James Kirchick discussed the situation over IM.     Why Zimbabwe? T.A. Frank: As people like to point out, there are a lot of rotten countries out there. So why this rotten country? Let’s talk about why you and I happen to care about Zimbabwe. James Kirchick: Well, personally, I've been there.

National Review And Ian Smith
November 30, 2007

National Review's print magazine has an excellent section entitled The Week. It is made up of short, clever, sarcastic, often funny 100-word (or so) takes on various topics. Here is their obit for Ian Smith, the racist former prime minister of Rhodesia: Ian Smith, who died, age 88, was suited by birth and temperament to maintain the British Empire in Africa. Born in what was then Rhodesia in 1919, he served gallantly with the RAF in World War II (a crash permanently disfigured his face). After the war, he bought a cattle ranch and entered parliament.