The GOP Is Still Demanding More Deportations—and Staying Silent on Reform
April 24, 2014

Obama's efforts to reform the immigration system are angering Republicans.

What It Will Take for Obama to Satisfy His Immigration Critics
April 21, 2014

Immigration advocates push Obama to "go big" with his executive authority. 

Deported Without Seeing A Judge: One of the Worst Parts of the Immigration System
April 14, 2014

Over three-quarters of deportees didn't see a judge in 2012.

Broken Promises: How Obama’s Immigration Failures Have Put a New Jersey Community on Edge
March 02, 2012

Saul Timisela was supposed to report for deportation at seven o’clock Thursday morning, but he didn’t show up. Instead, he went to the Reformed Church of Highland Park, New Jersey, where, as of this writing, he is still seeking sanctuary. An immigrant who arrived in the U.S. from Indonesia in 1998 after fleeing religious violence, Timisela suffers from hypertension, heart disease, and liver disease. He does not have a criminal record, say advocates speaking on his behalf.

I Don't Get No Respect, I Tell Ya
June 30, 2011

with Courtney Pitman The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division just can’t catch a break lately. Amid an extremely partisan national debate, this unit has deported more unauthorized immigrants than any other administration, a fact that immigrant advocates decry as too harsh, and anti-immigration groups seem to overlook during their criticism of Obama’s inaction on immigration enforcement. Further, the administration’s signature effort in immigration enforcement, Secure Communities, is facing increasing opposition on a seemingly daily basis.