Jeffrey Tambor’s New Role Made Him “Throw-Up Nervous”
September 19, 2014 12:00 AM

He's playing a woman for the first time.

How (and How Not) to Break Up With a Roommate
Lessons from a new rite of passage
September 16, 2014

It's the defining relationship of your twenties, or beyond. Until it's not. Lessons from a new rite of passage. 

Women Who Wear Hijab Can Have a Better Body Image, Study Says
What the hijab tells us about standards of beauty from different parts of the world
September 10, 2014

The veil can be oppressive, but so are beauty standards.

Women Don't Stick with the Sciences. Here's Why.
At each stage of their careers, more women than men leave the most prestigious path
September 08, 2014

"I am often insecure about my abilities as a female scientist."

Gender Quotas Worked in Norway. Why Not Here?
September 05, 2014

Turns out, American culture may be hindering gender equality.

This Is the Most Diverse Apartment Building in America
And here are the surprising lessons it teaches us about gentrification.
September 05, 2014

No matter how much we say we want otherwise, we still end up living around people who look just like us. This Brooklyn building is the exception. 

Why Aren't Women Advancing At Work? Ask a Transgender Person.
Having experienced the workplace from both perspectives, they hold the key to its biases.
August 28, 2014

As a population that has experienced the workplace from both perspectives, they hold the key to its biases.

Primetime TV Is More Diverse Than It's Ever Been. Why Now?
August 25, 2014

With "Black-ish" and "Cristela," network comedy is mining race, ethnicity, and cultural assimilation for laughs. 

The Next Republic Explores Identity
August 24, 2014

The next phase of our six-month campaign will explore issues of self.

TV Needs to Stop Treating Mental Illness as a Superpower
April 24, 2014

ABC's "Black Box" is an absurdly clumsy example of one of pop culture's most noxious tropes.