Igor Volsky

Blunt Amendment Fails. Will Romney Go Down With It?
March 01, 2012

Mitt Romney is stuck in another damaging news cycle over another apparent flip-flop. But, for a change, I’m going to defend him – at least on the flip-flop charge. During a televised interview in Ohio on Wednesday, Romney took a question about the Blunt amendment.

The Medicare Debate: What It's Really About
December 19, 2011

Ron Wyden and Paul Ryan got everybody’s attention last week when, together, they endorsed the idea of turning Medicare into a voucher scheme. But exactly how similar are their visions? I’m starting to wonder. In interviews with Igor Volsky of Think Progress and with yours truly, Wyden was emphatic about protecting traditional Medicare and what it offered seniors. “I would never do anything to shred it, or weaken it, or harm it in any way,” Wyden had told me.

More Obamacare News: 2.5M Young Adults Got Insurance
December 14, 2011

The economy remains weak and health insurance keeps getting more expensive, but the number of young adults without health insurance fell by 2.5 million this year. How could that be? Simple. President Obama and the Democrats passed health care reform.

Romney: I LOVE Ryan's Medicare Plan
December 09, 2011

A conference call from the Romney campaign on Thursday may prove to be a critical moment in the 2012 presidential campaign. The subject of the call was Paul Ryan’s controversial proposal for Medicare – and the very different ways that Romney and Newt Gingrich, have treated it. Ryan’s plan, as you may recall, is controversial because it would end Medicare as we know it, transforming the government insurance plan into a voucher scheme with no guarantee that the vouchers would enable seniors to buy comprehensive insurance.

Second Opinions on Obama's Medicare Plans
September 20, 2011

  The numbers in President Obama's new plan for health care spending can be confusing, so how about a picture? Or, at least, a pie chart?

Will the Ryan Budget Galvanize the Left?
April 18, 2011

How will Republican support of House Chairman Paul Ryan's budget play in the 2012 elections? We got a sneak preview on Friday, when Tim Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor and likely GOP presidential candidate, took some questions while visiting New Hampshire.  After Pawlenty indicated that he supported Ryan's budget generally, Igor Volsky of Think Progress asked whether he supported the proposed Medicare cuts specifically.  The full exchange, which you can watch above, went like this: PAWLENTY: I like Paul Ryan’s plan directionally.

Ron Johnson Loves France
March 25, 2011

A couple days ago, Senator Ron Johnson -- yet another in the Badger State's seemingly inexhaustible supply of ill-informed Randian fundamentalists -- wrote a ludicrously bad Wall Street Journal op-ed about how the Affordable care Act would have killed his daughter if it were in effect when she had life-saving surgery. I tried, with limited success, to capture the sheer vacuity of Johnson's argument. Now Igor Volsky piles on.

From the Press Conference: Does Obamacare Bend the Curve?
September 10, 2010

A few minutes ago President Obama got a question on health care reform, based on new projections that supposedly show it will fail to “bend the curve” on costs. But that’s not what the projections show. I was going to write a long post on this—and, sometime soon, maybe I will.

Who's Making Business Nervous Now?
August 30, 2010

Remember when Republicans were complaining about "uncertainty"? As the argument went, businesses weren't expanding and hiring new workers because they feared struggling with new regulations and taxes. Businesses, the Republicans said, needed certainty and financial relief. Apparently Republican thinking has evolved, as Steve Benen at Washington Monthly and Pat Garofalo at Wonk Room explain today. In late July, the Democrats were poised to pass a small-business assistance bill, full of tax breaks and other incentives designed to reward small businesses that hire new workers.

Required Reading: The Bill and the Volsky Chart
March 18, 2010

Here is the actual legislation, direct from the House Rules Committee website. More important, perhaps, here is the easy-to-read, essential-for-understanding breakdown from Wonk Room's Igor Volsky. Can't read one without the other.