The "Ferguson Moment" for Latinos That Never Was
Why the Pasco police killing didn't spark a national debate
February 24, 2015

Why the Pasco police killing didn't spark a national debate.

John Legend Made the Most Important Point at the Oscars
February 23, 2015

Common was poetic, but Legend took aim at law and policy.

President Obama’s Unproductive Statements About His Productive Immigration Policy
His executive order wasn't an executive overreach
February 19, 2015

President Obama's executive order wasn't an overreach.

A Texas Judge Has Blocked Obama's Immigration Action. Yes, It's Political.
February 17, 2015

The case will reach the Supreme Court in no time.

Senate Republicans Are Already Frustrated With John Boehner's Crazy Caucus
January 13, 2015

As muggings go, this isn’t much different than screaming, “your money or my life!”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Has Killed Nearly 50 People in 10 Years. Most Were Unarmed.
And not one officer has been disciplined
January 04, 2015

Most victims were unarmed, but not one officer has been disciplined.