How the Filthy Rich Live in Rising Asia
October 14, 2014

Meet the 1%, India-style.

Christopher Columbus Was Both a Crusader and a Villain
But his story is too complicated to only use dichotomies.
October 13, 2014

Yes, he did terrible things. Here's the full story. 

Why India Isn't So Keen to Fight Climate Change
They'll be talking about this at the White House on Monday
September 28, 2014

Climate is on the agenda when President Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi meet for the first time.

Gandhi Was a Crank Before He Was a Saint
His morally nuanced early years in South Africa
June 07, 2014

Gandhi may have been non-violent, but he could hurt people nonetheless.

Is India's New Prime Minister a Neo-Fascist or a Reformer?
May 16, 2014

Modi, implicated in a massacre in 2002 while chief minister of Gujarat, has been elected as India’s new prime minister. Is he a dangerous neo-fascist, as some say, or the strongman reformer that this country of 1.2 billion people craves?

Indian Intellectuals are Being Bullied by Right-Wing Extremists
A Hindu group sues, a publisher caves, and a nation becomes less free
February 19, 2014

A publisher agreed to pulp a controversial book after right-wing Hindus filed suit. Anyone who cares about free speech in the world's largest democracy should worry.

Rape in India Goes Unpunished and Ignored
December 31, 2013

As is so depressingly common with depressing news from India, crimes and tragedies lay bare massive political and administrative dysfunction and corruption. 

India Is Sitting on a Time-Bomb of Violence Against Women
December 22, 2013

The laws of demographics say violence against women in India will only get worse. Uh-oh.