Did Gawker Decide to Stop Being Gawker?
July 17, 2015

Tabloid journalism has more complicated roots than the simple pursuit of viral content.

Why Won't Twitter Forgive Suey Park?

Twitter activist Suey Park went viral with the #CancelColbert hashtag. And the Internet has never forgiven her for it.

The Internet Outrage Machine Is Finally Ready for Hillary
March 28, 2015

HRC Super Volunteers doesn't seem to be much more than an email address.

Language Police
March 14, 2015

The NYPD can’t delete brutality from its history. 

A Better Name for Baby Boomers: "The Laziest Generation"
March 11, 2015

Is it really that hard to use email, Chuck Schumer?

Let’s Really Be Friends
March 02, 2015

A defense of online intimacy.

The Moral Hazard of Big Data
February 06, 2015

We need greater accounting for algorithms that see us only as points in a vast Venn diagram. 

Net Neutrality Is Liberal Activists' Biggest Victory Since They Beat 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
February 05, 2015

The FCC's new rules show that activists can still beat the odds. 

Reason and the Republic of Opinion
November 11, 2014

We need not be a nation of intellectuals, but we must not be a nation of idiots.