Let’s Really Be Friends
A defense of online intimacy
March 02, 2015

A defense of online intimacy.

The Moral Hazard of Big Data
Pasquale's 'Black Box Society' takes on the destructive power of money-hungry computation
February 06, 2015

We need greater accounting for algorithms that see us only as points in a vast Venn diagram. 

Net Neutrality Is Liberal Activists' Biggest Victory Since They Beat 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
February 05, 2015

The FCC's new rules show that activists can still beat the odds. 

Reason and the Republic of Opinion
November 11, 2014

We need not be a nation of intellectuals, but we must not be a nation of idiots.

Obama's Net Neutrality Support Shows Liberal Activists Can Still Sway the White House
November 10, 2014

Immigration activists should pay special notice.

Turning Twitter Procrastination into Literature
A discussion with Cory Arcangel and Jonah Peretti
August 08, 2014

Artist Cory Arcangel's new book is a compilation of those who couldn't resist tweeting the words "working on my novel."

ICYMI: The Internet Has Ruined Our Conception of Time
May 23, 2014

This online acronym is destroying my soul.

Sad But True: The Only Way to Save the Open Internet Requires Sucking Up to Corporate Titans
April 24, 2014

The grassroots only win when they have big business on their side.

This Infamous Hacker Went to Prison for Trolling AT&T. Now He Wants to Troll Wall Street.
April 22, 2014

He went to prison for exposing an Internet security flaw. He says he won't stop—and now wants to profit from doing so.