Investor's Business Daily

Paul Ryan: Inequality, Take Two
November 18, 2011

When last we heard from Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.) on the topic of income inequality, he was claiming, incorrectly, that the United States redeems its disproportionate income inequality, relative to western Europe, by offering greater equality of opportunity. Whoops!

This Is Not Judicial Restraint
February 07, 2011

Having spent a lot of time last week accusing health care reform's legal critics of bad faith, let me respond to one to whom that description does not apply: David Hogberg. Hogberg writes about health care for Investor's Business Daily. Once upon a time, he wrote for the American Spectator. I know, those are not two of the publications that first come to mind when you think about nuanced policy writing. But Hogberg knows a lot about health care. I agree with him rarely but he seems like a congenial guy, based on our limited interactions.

The Conservative Misinformation Feedback Loop, Cont'd
April 08, 2010

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled "The Doc Fix Myth And The Right's Misinformation Feedback Loop." I used the example of a medium-sized claim that's demonstrably false, but has recirculated endlessly among conservatives, most prominently rising star Paul Ryan. The false claim is that the Affordable Care Act uses mythical savings from the "doc fix" in order to offset the cost of expanding coverage. Jeffrey H.

The Best-Covered News Story, Ever
April 01, 2010

This week's On the Media laments the low quality of press coverage in health care reform. It's certainly easy to find examples of shoddy journalism and public ignorance to bolster this charge.