Jamie Gorelick

Jamie Gorelick Better Hope There's No Afterlife
February 06, 2010

Federal student loans are one of the most clear-cut good versus evil issues you can find. Basically, the program has two ways of handling loans. One is for the government to make loans to college students. The other is for the government to pay private lenders to lend to students. The second method is more expensive and highly prone to corruption. The Obama administration proposes to cut out the private loans and save over $80 billion over the next decade. Naturally, the lenders have mounted a huge counterassault on Capitol Hill.

When Government Writes History
May 23, 2005

The 9/11 Commission was "set up to fail." So says its chairman, former Republican Governor of New Jersey Thomas Kean. "If you want something to fail," he explains, "you take a controversial topic and appoint five people from each party. You make sure they are appointed by the most partisan people from each party--the leaders of the party. And, just to be sure, let's ask the commission to finish the report during the most partisan period of time--the presidential election season." He could have added that President Bush and Republican leaders in Congress had agreed to create the commission onl

TRB From Washington: Enemy Within
May 03, 2004

REPUBLICANS SAY THEY ARE dismayed by the partisanship of the 9/11 Commission and, if you define partisanship as criticism of the Bush administration--the working definition on much of the right--they are exactly right. But, if you define partisanship the way it's traditionally understood--as placing party interests above national ones--then the 9/11 Commission hasn't been very partisan at all. And that's what really irks the GOP: They're dismayed that the 9/11 Commission isn't partisan enough.