Jane Austen

Virginia Woolf's Belated Obituary for Jane Austen
What would Austen have written about if she'd lived a longer life?
July 18, 2014

What would Austen have written about if she'd lived a longer life?

Charlotte Brontë Discovered the Plain Heroine
April 21, 2014

'A mis­placed chair put her out, and her imagination was at home upon volcanic-looking hills!' Appraising Charlotte Brontë's understated brilliance.

Literary Fan Fiction: John Banville Does Raymond Chandler
March 17, 2014

At what point does a work of supposed literary merit simply become fan fiction?

Can You Apply Game Theory to Jane Austen?

Was Jane Austen a Game Theorist? Author Michael Suk-Young Chwe responds to William Deresiewicz's review of Jane Austen, Game Theorist. 

No, Jane Austen Was Not a Game Theorist
Using science to explain art is a good way to butcher both
January 18, 2014

Proust was a neuroscientist. Jane Austen was a game theorist. Dickens was a gastroenterologist. Enough with the using science to explain art.

Virginia Woolf Wonders What Greatness Jane Austen's Death Prevented
December 16, 2013

Virginia Woolf thought Austen had six more novels left to write.

E.M. Forster on Deep, Abiding Love for Jane Austen
December 16, 2013

Everybody's crazy about Jane.

What Jane Austen Would Have Thought About the Kardashians
Pretension remains the greatest social crime—and authenticity the greatest virtue.
November 08, 2013

She loved authenticity, chided pretension, and may well have loved them.

Ten Other Posthumously Discovered Novels
Salinger isn't the only one
August 26, 2013

If the reports are true, and J.D.

"Perhaps Culture is Now the Counterculture"
A Defense of the Humanities
May 28, 2013

On May 19, New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier spoke at the commencement ceremony of Brandeis University, addressing the graduates as "fellow humanists." Here is a text of his talk.