Jayson Blair

The Art of Reinvention
August 21, 2009

Ever wonder what happened to NYT plagiarist/fabulist Jayson Blair? Turns out he moved back home to the Northern Virginia suburbs where he now works as a life coach. At first this seemed an oddly ironic choice for a guy who so thoroughly screwed up his own life. (You know, like Brownie becoming a disaster preparedness consultant.) But, upon further reflection, it makes perfect sense. Blair had to confront all his demons and get his life back on track starting from a hole much deeper than most people ever face.

Intern or Die
June 25, 2008

Beware the intern you just sent on a coffee run. And not just because she may use the yellow sweetener instead of the pink. No, beware the intern because as easy as it is to punk her around now, this pleasure, like smoking or drinking, is likely to come back to bite you later, when she rises to a position of power. Which is quite likely, as one of the fundamental truths about post-millennial working life is this: Ex-interns run the show. And like many banal workforce realities, this one’s pernicious. The field of journalism offers a prime example of the power of the internship.

This American Lie
March 19, 2007

'The events described in these stories are real," humorist David Sedaris wrote in the introductory note to Naked, his 1997 collection of nonfiction essays. The New York Times was convinced: When Naked hit the best-seller list, it categorized the book as nonfiction. The Library of Congress called it biography, and Sedaris assured several interviewers over the years that the book was essentially factual. "Everything in Naked was true," he told the webzine Getting It in 1999. "I mean, I exaggerate. But all the situations were true." Great.