Jeffrey Anderson

Did Republicans Drink the Ryan Kool-Aid? Debate Settled
May 10, 2011

I've been musing about how Republicans drank their own Tea Party Kool-aid and convinced themselves that voting for Paul Ryan's budget would go over well with the American public. Ramesh Ponnuru says they never believed they'd be popular: I spent a fair amount of time earlier this spring arguing with other conservatives that including Medicare reform in a budget resolution was not the best way to advance the cause of entitlement reform.

Obama "Very Vulnerable"?
February 12, 2011

Yesterday, I discussed an extensive swing state poll showing President Obama leading GOP contenders in all 9 Bush '04 states he won in 2008 (keep in mind that the Republicans probably have to win almost all these states in 2012 to win the electoral college.) The Weekly Standard's Jeffrey Anderson, though, has his own data: A CNN poll released this week asked Americans whether they plan to vote for or against President Obama in 2012. The options were "probably vote for," "probably not vote for," "definitely vote for," and "definitely not vote for." The most popular answer was "definitely not vo

Sorry, The CBO Did Not Say Health Reform Kills 800,000 Jobs
February 11, 2011

Republican pollsters have found that, to whatever degree people are upset about the Affordable Care Act, it is primarily a function of economic conditions rather than ideological opposition to the concept of the law. They accordingly have done everything to frame their opposition in terms of jobs, including titling their repeal bill the "Repealing The Job-Killing Health Care Law Act." Yesterday, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified before the House Budget Committee, and confirmed his agency's finding that the Affordable Care Act would, very slightly, reduce employment levels.

Trust Me, I'm A Doctor
February 02, 2011

Jeffrey Anderson, writing in the Weekly Standard, has discovered yet another data point against the Affordable Care Act -- doctors in the House voted to repeal it: What do doctors think of Obamacare? One good gauge is the views of doctors serving in the House of Representatives.  Of the 16 doctors currently serving in the House -- perhaps an all-time high -- all but one voted for Obamacare's repeal. Why would doctors oppose Obamacare?

National Review Denounces Republican Health Care Plan
December 29, 2010

Daniel Foster has an item at National Review headlined: Early Word: Obamacare High-Risk Pools Unpopular, Expensive It links to a story showing that state-level high risk health insurance pools, which cover people with preexisting conditions, are attracting few takers and costing more than expected per person. What does this mean? Here's what. During the health care reform debate, Republicans consistently advocated for high risk pools.

Health Reform And Personal Responsibility
March 17, 2010

I recently wrote a TRB column arguing that the Republican position on health care has increasingly come to be defined by a belief that the issue is a matter of personal responsibility: The core of this philosophical divide was on display in last week’s health care summit. Senator Tom Harkin, a traditional liberal, denounced policies that “allow segregation in America on the basis of your health.” Harkin’s point was that the only way to protect the sick is to pool them with the healthy. Conservatives seized upon Harkin’s remark.

More Utterly Sincere Advice For Democrats From The GOP
March 04, 2010

Since the House Democrats are the people who hold decision making power over the future of health care reform, Republicans who want to defeat health care reform have tailored their arguments to appeal to those Democrats.