Jim Gilchrist

Time's Up
November 19, 2008

ALISO VIEJO, CALIFORNIA--Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project, lives in a one-story home in a gated community in Orange County. On a late August afternoon, the 59- year-old former accountant invited me into his backyard, which is strewn with potted plants, blue-and-white pinwheels, and a ladybug wind chime. "There are some Pakistani immigrants that live over there," he says, pointing over his fence, "and a nice Japanese family, and a Taiwanese family that lives around the corner.

Huckabee To Romney: Grow Up, This Isn't Third Grade
December 11, 2007

(And even if it was, no one would like you...)  Council Bluffs, Iowa Just to pick up on what I wrote about last night and earlier today, Huckabee held a longish press conference here this morning after canceling some local events due to weather. Asked about that new Romney ad, Huckabee went on a long riff about how no one liked that tattle tale back in third grade, and how usually the tattler wasn't the most popular kid in the class, etc. Asked whether he was calling a Romney a third-grade tattler, Huckabee said no, he was just speaking metaphorically.