Jim McDermott

Jim Mcdermott's Assassination Vacation
March 31, 2008

Some days I'm amazed the legislative branch can run at all, given the bewildering amount of bills and projects and requests and ideas and junkets that come across the members' and Senators' desks in a single day.

Premium Idea
April 12, 1999

If the liberals on the just-dissolved National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare are to be believed, the reform plan pushed by its chairman, Democratic Senator John Breaux, and backed both by commission Republicans and by Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey, is about as evil as health policy can get. "They're jeopardizing the health and welfare of frail old people," says former Medicare program chief Bruce Vladeck. "These guys don't want to protect senior citizens from the industry," says Democratic Representative Jim McDermott of Washington.