Joe Donnelly

Not Just “Legitimate Rape”: How Claire McCaskill, Campaign Genius, Won Her Race
November 07, 2012

Don't think Akin handed McCaskill her seat when he said the words "legitimate rape." Making hay out of something so dicey took incredible savvy.

The Man Who Beat Lugar Is—Gasp!—Right
May 09, 2012

If you were trying to get a handle on what the Senate will look like over the next decade or so, you could have done worse than watch Richard Mourdock and Joe Donnelly make the rounds on television Wednesday morning. Mourdock is, of course, the man who just ousted Indiana’s longtime eminence, Dick Lugar, from the Senate. Donnelly is the Democratic congressman he’ll be facing in November. Mourdock fulminated against everything Lugar stood for—namely bipartisanship and civility in politics, but also the auto bailouts that saved tens of thousands of Indiana jobs.

More Signs Of The End For Dick Lugar
May 09, 2011

Indiana Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly is getting into the Senate race. Donnelly is probably the strongest candidate Democrats could muster for that seat. There's no way he'd be running if Lugar was his likely opponent, because Lugar, a popular moderate, would mop the floor with Donnelly. But Lugar is very unlikely to survive a right-wing primary challenge, and the opportunity to run against non-incumbent Tea Party Republican Richard Mourdock  creates a real opportunity for a pretty strong candidate like Donnelly.

Mood Indigo
September 25, 2006

Colorado and Ohio turn left.