John Bailey

How And Who To Fight?
September 02, 2007

You may recall my posting last week to the impressive and provocative British military intellectual, Major General John Bailey (retired) whom I got to know in Scotland. He has just sent me a paper he published two years ago that is as timely as if it were written today. Called "Over By Christmas: Campaigning, Delusions and Force Requirements," it was put out as a Land Warfare Paper, Sept. 2005. It is particularly salient right now when nearly every Democrat and many Republicans have given up the towel in Iraq and want to find a defensible but not disastrous way out.

Kennedy in '68?
October 15, 1966

In presidential politics, Calvin Coolidge is unique in choosing not to run. Any fool knows that a sitting President, if he wants it, can have his party's nomination for a second term. These truths are self-evident, and all evidence shows that Lyndon Johnson is not only sitting but running. Any incumbent President can make his will felt upon his party's state and city political structures, and Mr. Johnson is exceptionally adept at this kind of manipulation. Take the traditional largesse in the rivers and harbors bill. The doubtless apocryphal story of Mr.