John Feinstein

February 17, 2010

The New Orleans Saints’ strategy in last month’s NFC championship game was primitive and perfectly suited: Take advantage of quarterback Brett Favre’s 40-year-old body by inflicting a caveman’s clubbing. Hundreds of pounds of muscle and anger and adrenaline hit him at high speed a total of 17 times, and Favre, perhaps playing the last game of his career, managed to withstand the punishment until the third quarter, when he severely hurt his ankle. He limped on the sidelines and was basically immobile and should have taken himself out of the game then, regardless of the stakes.

Defining Miracles Down
November 05, 2007

  In today's Washington Post, John Feinstein does his thing where he waxes rhapsodic about the virtues of college underdogs. His subject today is Navy's victory over Notre Dame last Saturday. Madly overwriting in an effort to make his subject interesting to a general audience, Feinstein asserts: the Navy football team's 46-44 triple-overtime victory over Notre Dame on Saturday may rank, at the very least, a close second to that storied miracle on ice. This was a miracle on turf. Miracle? Second-biggest upset ever? Navy was a three-point underdog!