John Lynch

What's Lynch's Angle?
February 02, 2009

Let's put aside the question of why Judd Gregg would bail on his fellow Republicans in the Senate, since he's reportedly said he won't accept Obama's offer of the Commerce Secretary post unless John Lynch, New Hampshire's Democratic governor, pledges to appoint a Republican to replace Gregg in the Senate. Instead, let's turn to the question of why Lynch would agree to such a deal. It seems as if there's no real downside to his appointing a Democrat to Gregg's seat--and getting his party 60 votes in the Senate.

Big (Brother) Pharma
August 29, 2006

For years Dr. Peter Klementowicz suspected that pharmaceutical sales representatives knew more about the prescriptions he was writing than they let on. Klementowicz, a cardiologist in Nashua, New Hampshire, would occasionally hear curious statements from drug reps, such as, “you’re one of my targets.” His suspicion peaked when a friend told him she overheard a group of reps at a local Panera Bread discussing ways to induce Klementowicz to prescribe their drugs. How did they know he wasn’t already prescribing their drugs?