Josh Putnam

Enough With the Predictions About Brokered Conventions!
February 08, 2012

Another week, another set of primaries—and soon enough, undoubtedly, another cascade of speculations about the prospect of a brokered convention. Predictions of an unpredictable fight-to-the-finish have become an unfortunate refrain—not to say, cliché—of our presidential election campaigns. Enough!

Favorite Sons Won't Be Fortunate Sons
February 03, 2011

Via Political Wire, David Broder makes the completely preposterous suggestion that Republican governors might coordinate on...a favorite son strategy! The great Josh Putnam got there first with a nice item, but, hey, why not pile on? There’s no way a favorite son strategy makes any sense at all in the current nomination process. For those who do not recall pre-reform (that is, pre-1972) presidential strategy, Broder helpfully reminds us that “Favorite sons are candidates who run only in their home states, where their popularity makes them formidable.”  Yes, but.