Justin Wolfers

Obamacare's Winners and Losers, in One Chart
October 31, 2013

President Obama on Friday acknowledged that some people are losing their current health plans because those plans don't live up to the Obamacare's standards for benefits and pricing.

Romney’s Distortion—and Why It Matters
July 25, 2012

Mitt Romney’s twisting of President Obama’s rhetoric continues today with a press release insisting that, yes, Obama really did say people who own businesses didn’t build them. "President Obama Meant It," the release says, "He’s Consistently Sided With Government As The Answer To Solving Our Nation’s Problems." Afterwards the press release cites a new pair of Obama statements, one from 2009 and one from 2012, that supposedly back up Romney’s claim.  As you probably know by now, Romney has been taking the infamous Obama quote ("If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that") out of context.

The Economy Is Creating Jobs. Very, Very Slowly.
May 04, 2012

The government's new jobs report is out and, according to the folks who study the labor market, it's disappointing. The economy created barely enough jobs to keep up with population growth and, although the unemployment rate actually fell to 8.1 percent, more people have dropped out of the workforce. But the update, which comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, also suggests the past few months were stronger than previous reports had indicated.

Today's Inequality News
January 19, 2012

1.) Scott Winship of Brookings and Miles Corak of the University of Ottawa had a back-and-forth about whether White House chief economist Alan Krueger's "Great Gatsby" scatter diagram (see Page 8) successfully links income inequality to immobility. If you want to follow this, here's the sequence: Krueger Winship Corak Winship Corak The debate is pretty technical. Winship concludes by saying his criticism of the "Great Gatsby" chart wasn't "the main criticism I had with Krueger's speech," which smells to me like retreat. On the Freakonomics blog, Justin Wolfers calls it for Corak.

April 01, 2011

-- My latest TRB, on the right's love of for-profit schools. -- Jonathan Cohn on the end of "compassionate conservativism" -- Justin Wolfers and Paul Krugman team up to demolish John Taylor. -- The latest GOP fashion: pro-child labor laws.

Worth Reading
December 02, 2009

Justin Wolfers: It's better to raise rates too late than too early. Blaming some, but not all, evangelicals for fueling the crisis. Evidence of massive insider trading before Dubai debt announcement. Hourly tips fell 5% from last year. Personal bankruptcy filings also fall. Has the recent stock market rally gone too far?

Worth Reading
August 31, 2009

NYT talks up TARP profits and WSJ warns of big FDIC losses. The pain of being a middle-aged former finacial-sector employee. How cities can prevent empty-storefront-ification. Men's underwear sales foretell a gradual rebound in spending. Did Hoover's generosity to workers cause the Depression? Justin Wolfers will have plenty of bedtime chatter tonight.