Ken Kies

Why Republicans Don't Want To Extend The Payroll Tax Cut
August 08, 2011

The first item on President Obama's agenda, and also the most apparently straightforward way to avoid imminent harm to the economy, is to extend the payroll tax cut next year. It's a tax cut, Republicans should favor it. You know, the worst thing you can do in a recession is raise taxes, as they've said a billion times? Easy call, right? Wrong. Here's Paul Ryan, asked about extending the payroll tax cuts: This is the same economic reasoning, policies and logic that the president used to sell his stimulus. He said it would keep unemployment from getting above 8 percent. It didn't.

Kies To The Kingdom
May 05, 2009

As soon as I heard that the Obama administration was looking to close down overseas tax shelters, I knew Ken Kies couldn't be far behind. And here he is: The proposal, combined with a $60.1 billion plan to limit many expense deductions for American companies that take advantage of laws allowing them to defer tax on foreign profits and a $43 billion crackdown on abusive foreign tax credits, would be the biggest tax increase on U.S. corporations since 1986.