Kevin Spacey

'House of Cards' Should Stop Trying to Be 'The West Wing'
March 04, 2015

This has always been a show, first and foremost, about a marriage.

The Shocking Death in 'House of Cards' Season Two Reveals the Show's Biggest Flaw
February 14, 2014

This explosive plot development in season two is House of Cards at its worst.

Kevin Spacey's Leading-Man Problem
February 05, 2013

Laura Bennett watched thirteen hours of "House of Cards" in one weekend. The show is haunting, but Kevin Spacey's performance left her cold.

David Thomson on Films: ‘The Artist’ Was Awful—and Other Reasons I’m Not Watching the Oscars
February 21, 2012

Since first seeing The Artist, I believed it was going to win Best Picture. It’s “different” without being challenging or difficult or worrying. The Artist could have been designed by a computer to appeal to anyone who has a sense of nostalgia for movie history. (And 54 percent of Academy voters are over sixty). It is also a light, entertaining picture in which froth passes for energy, and pat ironies are made to seem intelligent. I enjoyed it, until the moment I guessed how close it was to getting Best Picture.

Jack Abramoff As Mel Profitt?
April 27, 2009

Crooked mastermind? Dabbled in geopolitics? Connected to an Oliver North-like figure?

When Will They Ever Learn?
September 26, 2007

Kevin Spacey has visited President Chavez in Venezuela, and so have Sean Penn and Danny Glover. Alec Baldwin is sure to follow. And maybe even George Clooney. Or the Dixie Chicks. This is the latest episode in that long-running drama called "political pilgrims," which has been running -- more or less -- since Lillian Hellman visited Stalin and found him charming. Or does it begin with John Reed visiting Lenin?