Kid Rock

Music of the RNC, Then and Now
August 31, 2012

Republicans know a great, great deal about the power of popular music in the merchandising of ideology for electoral gain

The 'Going Rogue' Index
November 17, 2009

Sarah Palin’s autobiography Going Rogue doesn’t have an index. Why? Well, I’m not exactly sure. But it sure makes finding gems in the text--such as the defense of that $150,000 clothing bill, the petty attacks on Katie Couric, and Palin-isms like “maverick” and “dang!”—a pretty tough slog. So, here’s an index. A really, really long and thorough one. Want to know where Palin celebrated one of her baby showers with her gal pals? It’s in here. Want to know how she feels about the ACLU, or Ashley Judd, or Steve Schmidt? In here, too.

But I Know Obama!
January 21, 2009

I went to the official Youth Ball last night, and it was a study in mass chaos and debauchery (read: a lot of fun). Some 7,000 people between 18 and 35 descended on the Hilton on Connecticut Avenue to see Kanye West, Kid Rock, Fall Out Boy, and, of course, Obama. The line to get in stretched around the block, and, once inside, the lines to get drink tickets were almost as epic.