Elizabeth Warren Sees Broken Promises in Obama's Trade Agenda
May 18, 2015

The Massachusetts Democrat took aim at Barack Obama and his predecessors in a new report.

Even Conservative Millennials Support Unions

It makes sense: Young people have watched wages associated with middle-class jobs of yesteryear drop precipitously.

The Bot Bubble
How click farms have inflated social media currency
April 20, 2015

Click farms are changing what it means to have social media influence.

Wanted: Personal Assistant. Ivy League Degree Required.
April 07, 2015

A distinction needs to be made between the jobs that exploit and the ones that just disappoint.

Never Forget the Triangle Factory Fire—It's Why We Have Unions
March 25, 2015

When you hear politicians rail against the sins of organized labor, remember this 1911 disaster.

Models of the World, Unite!
The fashion industry pays them in dresses. It's time they unionize.
March 05, 2015

How the fashion industry rips off its most visible employees.

Will Free Agency Destroy Major League Soccer?
March 02, 2015

If the NFL, MLB, and NBA are any indication, the answer is no.

After the Bitcoin Gold Rush
“Mining” is the engine that keeps the Bitcoin network working, but it has swelled into a resource-hungry, capital-intensive, centralized syndicate. Is the Internet's native currency worth all the effort?
February 24, 2015

Small-time Bitcoin miners set out to strike crypto-currency gold. A lot of them went bust.

The Death of American Unions Is Killing American Marriage
February 19, 2015

The Republican war on labor unions is also a war on marital unions.