Latin America

Mexico's President Must Not Ignore This Mass Grave of College Kids—or the Corruption It Represents
October 10, 2014

43 students were marched to their deaths—by cops acting on orders from above.

Migrant Children Are Fleeing a Region Rife with Sexual Violence
These circumstances should give deportation advocates serious pause
July 23, 2014

These children are not so much coming to America as running from dangerous and deadly circumstances. And we want to send them back? 

García Márquez Liberated the Spanish Language from the Tyranny of the Past
April 18, 2014

His liberator's urge was not a matter of leftism. The urge was literary.

The End of the Latin-American Dictatorship is Nigh
Is the age of the Latin American dictator over?
March 11, 2014

A win in Venezuela could herald a dictator-free Latin America—for the first time in 200 years

How To Tell The New Spanish "Breaking Bad" From The Original
A Bicultural Viewer's Guide
February 07, 2014

A Bicultural Viewer's Guide.

Chávez the Unfriendly Ghost
What will happen to Venezuela now that the caudillo is dead?
April 06, 2013

What will happen to Venezuela now that the caudillo is dead?

How Global Cities Adapt to Global Change
November 30, 2012

Moving around (or trying to move around, at least) the city of São Paulo this week, spending time with the State Secretariat of Metropolitan Development, and visiting the port of Santos, it doesn't take too much insight to see that better transportation infrastructure is critical for the future global competitiveness of the entire São Paulo metropolitan region. But I was struck at today's Global Cities Initiative (GCI) forum how many speakers and panelists, when confronted with the question of what one factor will matter most for the future of São Paulo , U.S.

São Paulo Striving to Keep Global Economic Edge
November 27, 2012

What makes São Paulo a global city? Some might say its size. It is the largest city in South America. The São Paulo metro area, as our forthcoming Global MetroMonitor will reveal, is the 10th largest in the world by population and 13th largest by GDP. Others might point to its role as the finance capital of Latin America.

After Abbottabad: Navy SEALs and American Security
October 19, 2012

What's next for Navy's SEAL Team Six?

Sarah Williams Goldhagen on Architecture: Living High

Before 2013 begins, catch up on the best of 2012. From now until the New Year, we will be re-posting some of The New Republic’s most thought-provoking pieces of the year. Enjoy. For any number of pundits, policymakers, and scholars, the new next hot thing, in countries developed and developing, is The City—or, more expansively and more precisely, the megalopolis and its little brother, the metropolis.