Latin America

The Exhibitionist
March 04, 2015

Daryl Richardson built a jungle in the heart of Dallas and filled it with exotic creatures. No one asked any questions—until he set his sights on the world’s rarest sloth.

Why Is the Wall Street Journal Dismissing Colombia's War Crimes?
February 24, 2015

The military has been murdering civilians and dressing them up as guerrillas.

Obama's Central American Rescue Plan Will Only Make Life There Worse
February 05, 2015

The Alliance for Prosperity is not the answer to stem child migration out of Central America.

Pope Francis Just Declared This Murdered Archbishop a Martyr. Reaganites Should Be Embarrassed.
February 04, 2015

The man responsible for his death was a Cold War ally.

Mexico's President Must Not Ignore This Mass Grave of College Kids—or the Corruption It Represents
October 10, 2014

43 students were marched to their deaths—by cops acting on orders from above.

Migrant Children Are Fleeing a Region Rife with Sexual Violence
July 23, 2014

These children are not so much coming to America as running from dangerous and deadly circumstances. And we want to send them back? 

García Márquez Liberated the Spanish Language from the Tyranny of the Past
April 18, 2014

His liberator's urge was not a matter of leftism. The urge was literary.

The End of the Latin-American Dictatorship is Nigh
March 11, 2014

A win in Venezuela could herald a dictator-free Latin America—for the first time in 200 years

Chávez the Unfriendly Ghost
April 06, 2013

What will happen to Venezuela now that the caudillo is dead?