Levi Johnston

Sarah Palin: She’s Just Like Us!
June 03, 2011

Despite the fact that she no longer holds office, has not clarified her political intentions, and seems intent, mainly, on making money, Sarah Palin coverage show no signs of letting up. Her recently launched bus tour—for the all-important purpose, as she has stated, of inviting “more people to be interested in all that is good about America”—is no exception. As we parse the constant updates from Palin’s not-a-presidential campaign, let’s take a look at previously issued breaking news on our favorite obsession. Sarah Palin rides a bike.

Palin vs. Johnston, Ctd.
November 23, 2009

Another day, another example of Sarah Palin going out of her way to trash the father of her grandson, Levi Johnston. In response to a People magazine reader's question, "How is your daughter Bristol doing as a young mother," the former governor explains: She's spectacular. She's amazing. Still doesn't get a lot of sleep because Tripp is a light sleeper through the night and Bristol's got him all the time. But she's going to college, she's working and taking care of the baby. She's got her hands full. But very, very strong, very optimistic. She teaches me good lessons through all of this, too.

Dept. of Pots and Kettles
October 29, 2009

In her latest ill-advised broadside against Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin accused the soon-to-be Playgirl model of "sell[ing his] body." It's a peculiar complaint for a former beauty queen to make, but particularly peculiar for one who told People, "I did the beauty pageants to earn money for college"; who, by placing in the Miss Alaska contest did, in fact, earn a scholarship (of which she reportedly said, "that's what got me through college"); and who described the process thus in Vogue: "They made us line up in bathing suits and turn our backs so the male judges could look at our butts." In re

Stay Classy, Abc News!
March 16, 2009

Via Andrew Sullivan, I came across this 'Good Morning America' interview with Levi Johnston. "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts bills the interview as an "exclusive" and introduces it thusly: Now for the first time Bristol Palin's former fiance is speaking out about why the couple ended their engagement. Hearing all that, I automatically assumed this was going to be one of those typical morning show interviews in which some human interest story--whether it's the pilot who landed the US Airways plane on the Hudson or Octo-Mom--sits down in a New York studio and bears his soul.