Lucian Freud

Meet the Man Who Wrote a 260-Page Biography on His BlackBerry
November 25, 2013

What happens when you write a whole book on your BlackBerry? Your thumbs start to hurt, for one. 

Put In Your Oar
August 03, 2011

The arts are not efficient. They are essential. That is something entirely different. Culture, in order to be vital, must be extravagant. At times there is fiscal extravagance. Inevitably, there is the extravagance of lives dedicated to what are the inherently impractical disciplines of art, literature, music, dance, and theater. There is no art—there is no culture—without enormous individual energies being expended to what are, by their very nature, uncertain ends. I once heard a famous poet, when asked how his work was going, shrug and say: “You just put in your oar.

The Decline of the City Mahagonny
June 25, 1990

Robert Hughes explains how New York in the 1980s is *not* Paris in the 1890s. He gives a compelling account of the decline of the fine arts in America