Marc Jacobs

The November Issue
August 24, 2012

Earlier this year, Anna Wintour visited Obama headquarters in Chicago to talk numbers with the campaign’s top fund-raising brass. As she headed into her meeting, Wintour passed a tray stacked with food for volunteers: glazed doughnuts festooned with bacon, classic campaign fare. “I trust you’re not interested in that,” a staffer jokingly offered. She fixed him with her cool, disdaining stare. There will always be certain, crucial differences between politics and high fashion—“wedge” shoes or issues?

The Art of the Impossible: Building Megaprojects
October 23, 2009

"Jane Jacobs not Marc Jacobs" reads a postcard making the rounds in New York City’s Greenwich Village, a plaint against the increasing "mall-ification" of that venerable neighborhood. But beyond her old stomping ground--where she famously stopped highway builder Robert Moses from building an expressway through Washington Square Park--Jane Jacobs’ ideas continue to resonate in the messy debates over how we move people and goods around our regional economies. Lately, that currency has been given a boost by Anthony Flint’s recent book, Wrestling with Moses, about the battles Jacobs fought with