Mark Regnerus

A Reagan-Appointed Judge Weighed in for Same-Sex Marriage in Michigan
March 23, 2014

The Supreme Court can already hear the legal drumbeat on same-sex marriage.

It's Time for Mark Regnerus to Get Collectively Dumped
June 12, 2012

It’s a real relief to see the takedowns pile up in response to Mark Regnerus’s ill-conceived new study, “How different are the adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships? Findings from the New Family Structures Study,” which purports to challenge the claim that there are few differences between children raised in same-sex and heterosexual households.

Yes, That Gay Parenting Study Was Bogus: A Reply to Maggie Gallagher
June 12, 2012

Yesterday on The Plank, I argued that Mark Regnerus’s NFSS study is not a scientific study of same-sex parenting at all, as it claims to be, because it counts a bizarrely wide range of people as “Lesbian Mothers” and “Gay Fathers.” Over at the National Review, Maggie Gallagher responded incredulously. “Professor Corvino is just plain wrong,” she wrote. “Not a single one of these examples would be included in the lesbian mother or father category in Professor Regnerus’s new study.” Not a single one? Really? Let’s look at my examples.

Does Abstinence-Only Education Work After All?
February 04, 2010

During the Bush years, when abstinence-only education got an unprecedented boost in federal money, many liberal critics pointed to studies showing such programs failed to delay sexual activity among teenagers and had a negative impact on condom use. But a new study released this week seemed to turn this consensus on its head, as Hanna Rosin explains on the XX Factor:     The study reported yesterday that shows a certain abstinence curriculum to be effective was, in fact, an excellent study. Unlike previous studies, it looked at the most updated curriculum.