Mark Sanford

Oh, Governor, Where Art Thou?
June 22, 2009

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford seems to have disappeared for several days, elluding his security detail and alarming the state. According to his wife, Sanford "said he needed time away from their children to write something." Chris Cilizza comments, "pulling a disappearing act like this -- whatever the reason -- is a decidedly odd move for someone who is seen as a likely presidential candidate in 2012." On the contrary! My guess is that, having lost his fight to turn down stimulus funds, Sanford is now going Galt.

Wasting Away in Hooverville
March 18, 2009

The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression By Amity Shlaes (HarperCollins, 464 pp., $26.95) Herbert Hoover By William E. Leuchtenburg (Times Books, 208 pp., $22) Nothing to Fear: FDR's Inner Circle and the Hundred Days that Created Modern America By Adam Cohen (Penguin Press, 372 pp., $29.95) A generation ago, the total dismissal of the New Deal remained a marginal sentiment in American politics. Ronald Reagan boasted of having voted for Franklin Roosevelt. Neoconservatives long maintained that American liberalism had gone wrong only in the 1960s.

Sometimes Zimbabwe Is Just Zimbabwe
March 12, 2009

Jim Clyburn says it was "beyond the pale" for Mark Sanford to compare Obama's stimulus package to Zimbabwe's economic policies: Asked if his "beyond the pale" comment implied a racial overtone to Sanford's remarks, Clyburn replied: "I'm sure he would not say that, but how did he get to Zimbabwe? What took the man to Zimbabwe? Someone should ask him if that's really the best comparison. ...

Would Mccain Choose A Ron Paul Republican?
May 12, 2008

As the McCain veep watch chugs on, one name that's come up repeatedly is that of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, whom fiscal conservatives love. One thing that's not as widely known about Sanford, though--and one reason why it might not be realistic to expect Republicans to be enthusiastic about his selection--is that he's a harsh critic of the Bush administration's power grab in the wake of 9/11.