The Luxury of Hope
May 05, 2015

What the Baltimore prosecutor's charges in the Freddie Gray case mean to native residents.

"We're Going to Protect Our Community Ourselves"
May 03, 2015

Baltimore's gangs came together to protect their community. But is that all they want?

Baltimore's Prosecutor Gets It
May 01, 2015

The charges in the Freddie Gray case show that scaring cops is the best way to fight police abuse.

"They Can’t Lock Everybody Up"
April 29, 2015

Counting down to curfew with Freddie Gray's neighbors in Baltimore.

Having Black Cops and Black Mayors Doesn't End Police Brutality
April 29, 2015

A Baltimore writer on racial tension and the limits of diversity.

The Map and Midterm Blues Hurt Democrats. So Did Obama.
November 05, 2014

Geography and midterm turnout levels hurt—a lot. But they're not the whole story.

It's True: Obamacare Will Force Some People to Pay More for the Same Coverage
November 07, 2013

Examples of Obamacare plan cancellations and premium increases are getting tons of media coverage, though you rarely hear the whole story.

Another State Reports Low Obamacare Insurance Rates
July 26, 2013

The latest state to publish insurance rates under Obamacare is Maryland. The results seem consistent with the pattern we’ve seen so far. When state officials want the law to work, it works pretty well. And Maryland officials want the law to work. 

He’s Handsome, He’s Progressive, He’s a Rocker...
July 02, 2013

And man, would Martin O’Malley make a lousy presidential candidate.