Adam Yauch, Innovator
May 04, 2012

Beastie Boys fans are in mourning today: Adam “MCA” Yauch, a co-founder of the group, has died at the age of 47. Yauch is being remembered today as part of a group that was musically innovative—especially for blending rap and rock—but it wasn’t just in music that the Beastie Boys broke new ground. According to a 2005 paper, the Beastie Boys were business innovators, too. The group was singled out in a study examining new trends in digital music distribution. Why? For the (relatively early) use of their official website to direct fans to iTunes.

Thomson on Films: Cliff Robertson and the Sordid Ways of Old Hollywood
September 15, 2011

Cliff Robertson died the other day. He was 88, and I suppose he was what is called an establishment figure. Long ago he had won an Oscar for his performance in Charly (1968) about a retarded man who is given an experimental drug that lets him find genius (and his doctor, Claire Bloom) but then slips back to being a fool, and he was perfectly OK in the film if you can manage to sit through it now, in which case you may surmise that nearly any actor in that begging role might have won the Oscar.