The Many Manipulations of the Planned Parenthood Attack Videos
July 23, 2015

An OB/GYN explains how medically incorrect language is used to distort the facts.

The Christian Case for Vaccinating Children
July 01, 2015

Christians are obligated to sacrifice for others. A needle pinprick and a little soreness are relatively minor.

The Nutrition Gap
May 27, 2015

Many doctors dismiss nutritional therapies as quack medicine. But many patients disagree, and they're taking matters into their own hands—sometimes to the detriment of their health.

Why the Lethal Injection Drug Debated by the Supreme Court Today Is Unconstitutional
April 29, 2015

As used in Oklahoma’s execution procedure, lethal injection unquestionably creates an “objectively intolerable risk of harm.”

Faith-Healer Parents Who Let Their Child Die Should Go to Jail
March 02, 2015

And yet, most U.S. states have exemptions for parents who withhold medical care on religious grounds.

The Puritans Were America's First Anti-Vaxxers
February 06, 2015

The original anti-vaccine movement began 300 years ago.

If Anti-Vaxxers Want a Revolution, They Just Might Get One
February 03, 2015

Mass illness often causes massive political change.