Melody Barnes

Drain Education Reform Money, Lay Off Teachers, or Pay Them Less? An Ugly Choice.
July 16, 2010

The fate of the $10 billion edujobs bill, which is meant to prevent more than 100,000 teacher layoffs across the country, remains unclear. Before Congress went on vacation earlier this month, the House passed edujobs as an amendment to a larger spending bill and sent it to the Senate. But, as I wrote at the time, the House agreed to pay for the provision in part by cutting funds from some of Obama’s most vital education reform initiatives, including Race to the Top. The president threatened a veto, and the Department of Education immediately embarked on a push to find the money elsewhere.

Getting To Know Melody Barnes
November 24, 2008

NAME: Melody Barnes NEW APPOINTMENT: Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. HOW SHE KNOWS OBAMA: Domestic policy adviser to the campaign; co-director of the transition's agency review; worked with transition chair John Podesta at the Center for American Progress (CAP). OTHER TOP POSITIONS: Executive vice president of CAP (left in June); chief counsel to Senator Ted Kennedy; Director of Legislative Affairs for the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; assistant counsel to the U.S.