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Beyond Cameron Todd Willingham: Rick Perry’s Five Most Controversial Executions
August 20, 2011

Since Rick Perry declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination last week, much ink has been spilled over the controversy surrounding his decision as governor to execute Cameron Todd Willingham—a man whose innocence was advocated by many investigative reports, including a popular investigation by David Grann in The New Yorker. But with 234 executions and counting under Perry’s belt, Willingham hardly represents the only figure whose case and subsequent execution has became the subject of controversy.

How Obama Could Have Stayed the Execution of Humberto Leal Garcia
July 13, 2011

On Thursday, July 7, the Supreme Court refused a last minute stay of the execution of Mexican national Humberto Leal Garcia, despite the undisputed fact that Leal was tried and sentenced to death by a Texas court without ever being informed that he had a right to seek the assistance of the Mexican Consulate following his arrest. Within hours of the high court’s denial, Leal was executed by lethal injection. Case closed? Not exactly. Given that there are dozens of other foreigners on death row in the U.S.