Michelle Malkin

Eulogy for the Blog
April 26, 2013

As the 'Times' moves to eliminate theirs, we should remember their golden age.

Michele vs. Michelle: The Battle Over Breast-Feeding
February 17, 2011

As you might have heard, Representative Michele Bachmann on Tuesday attacked First Lady Michelle Obama for trying to impose a “Nanny State.” It seems that Mrs. Obama, as part of her campaign for better nutrition, has been crusading to make it easier for new mothers to breastfeed. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service just decided to classify breast-milk pumps a tax-deductible medical expense. To Bachmann, these two developments are proof of liberalism run amok.

Malkin Unhappy, Obamacare Rattling Insurers. It's All Good.
August 31, 2010

Note: Here is my latest column for Kaiser Health News. When Assurant Health, a Milwaukee-based health insurance company, announced this month it was laying off 130 employees in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, it blamed the health care overhaul for its struggles -- and at least one prominent critic of reform quickly chimed in. "There are more and more Obamacare job-killing stories piling up like this one," conservative columnist Michelle Malkin wrote in an item with the headline, "The White House War on Jobs." I know a lot of smart, thoughtful health reform critics. Malkin is not one of them.

The Unnecessary Fall
August 12, 2010

A counter-history of the Obama presidency.

Right-Wing Beauty Pageant Conspiracists Strike Back
May 18, 2010

Conservatives continue to seethe over the Miss USA triumph of Lebanese-American Rima Fakih: "Miss Hezbollah is now Miss USA," declared conservative radio talk show host Debbie Schlussel, saying that Fakih's relatives in Lebanon had ties to the terrorist organization based there.

The Tea Party Glossary
February 03, 2010

Here's one thing about the Tea Party movement everyone can agree on: It's confusing. With decentralization as a core value, the Tea Party phenomenon can seem like a baffling collection of individuals and organizations, often divided against each other. But with its first national convention now underway in Nashville, and as Tea Party groups gear up for campaigns around the country, it's time we met the movement's main players.

The Law Of Conservation Of Right-Wing Washington Newspapers
January 14, 2010

There seems to be some law of conservation of right-wing billionaires willing to heavily subsidize conservative Washington newspapers. For years, the role was filled by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who used his cult proceeds to finance the Washington Times.

Who You Calling Extremist?
April 14, 2009

I could see how conservatives might be concerned that they could potentially be lumped in with the crazed right-wing militia members that are cited as potential violence risks in a new report from the Department of Homeland Security. But the conservative reaction is to do the lumping themselves. Michelle Malkin has a blog post decrying "The Obama DHS hit job on conservatives." Conservatives? The report is about murderous lunatics. I kind of figured conservatives would try to define potential domestic terrorists as the fringe right.

Ugliness Watch (or Not?)
October 23, 2008

Even Michelle Malkin is skeptical about the alleged act of anti-McCain brutality in Pennsylvania that Drudge is pushing like crazy. She's right: That backwards 'B' is pretty hard to explain. It's worth noting that even if true, this sounds like a standard robbery with an insane, politically-related act tacked on after the assailant noticed a McCain bumper sticker. Even in the victim's telling, the original assault was not about politics.

Michelle Malkin Bids For Self-parody Award
October 17, 2008

I try really hard not to dignify Michelle Malkin by responding to her rants. But I can't let this one pass.  It seems that Malkin is angry over the recent treatment of Joe Wurzelbacher--a.k.a., "Joe the Plumber." As you may recall, John McCain invoked Wurzelbacher a few times during Wednesday's debate, using Joe's situation to suggest that Barack Obama would raise taxes on the middle class. Since that time, reporters and Democratic partisans have been digging into Joe's story, to see whether McCain's claims are right.