Middle East

"If You Kill the People They'll Be Against You"
An interview with Bashar al Assad
February 14, 2015

An interview with Syria's Bashar al Assad.

Is Christianity Doomed in the Middle East?
January 30, 2015

A religious revival is just one of the factors leaving Christians deserting the Middle East.

The Secret Back Channel That Doomed the Israel-Palestine Negotiations
November 26, 2014

As the official peace process was stalling, stand-ins for Abbas and Netanyahu were meeting in secret.

There's a Worrisome Amount of Support in Jordan for the Islamic State
October 20, 2014

Less than 2/3 of Jordanians consider ISIS a terrorist organization.

Qatar Is a U.S. Ally. They Also Knowingly Abet Terrorism. What's Going On?
October 06, 2014

The complicated incentives of the world's richest per capita country.

This Photo Explains the United States' Relationship with Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's existential struggle with Iran has drastic implications for the Middle East
September 15, 2014

Saudi Arabaia's existential struggle with Iran has drastic implications for fighting ISIS. 

Obama's Scariest ISIS Comment Yet: 'I'm Not Going to Anticipate Failure'
September 15, 2014

If he’s not preparing for failure, then we shouldn’t be preparing for war.

History's Lesson for the Middle East: When Superpowers Leave, Stability Doesn't Follow
August 22, 2014

History provides a sobering lesson about western involvement in the Middle East. It is that, when superpowers drift away, peace, progress, moderation and stability do not necessarily follow in their stead. 

Why Britain Created Monarchies in the Middle East
August 15, 2014

When was the most stable time in recent Iraqi history? Most likely it was during the British-sponsored Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq from 1921 to 1958.