Ornette Coleman, the Saxophonist Who Transformed Jazz
June 17, 2015

Ornette Coleman really was "Something Else!!!"

The Marginalization of Women in Mainstream Country Music
June 02, 2015

To succeed in the genre, you just have to be a guy who likes staring at women.

Other People’s Playlists
May 17, 2015

Welcome to the land of musical serendipity, where you can get from Nazis to an album of Kurt Vonnegut reading Slaughterhouse-Five in a few clicks. 

The Time Anna Kendrick Said I Smelled Like an Old Cinnamon Cupcake
May 14, 2015

"The meanest, to me, was Beca. She was pretty rough and tough."

All Apologies
April 20, 2015

A new Kurt Cobain documentary reminds us of what could have been.

Why "Indie" Music Is So Unbearably White
April 02, 2015

If indie wants to be less white, its musicians, fans, and critics should stop defining the genre through whiteness. 

Jay Z's Streaming Music Service Makes No Economic Sense
March 31, 2015

He thinks Spotify is the enemy, but it's really record labels like his.

That Old R&B Sound Has Moved to Richmond
March 09, 2015

They're resurrecting the lost art of the record label/musical collective. 

Tearing Up the Pop Charts
March 05, 2015

If popular music is escapist fun, why are the songs so sad?

Iggy Azalea Gets Away With Reverse Minstrelsy Because There's a Market for It
February 10, 2015

What Iggy doesn't understand about trying too hard to keep it real.