Stop Being Petty, Bruce Springsteen. Let Republicans Play Your Music.
September 03, 2015

Liberal rock stars shouldn't allow politics to polarize our music, too.

Against Musicians' Biographies
August 31, 2015

We should listen to the life of a song, not its singer.

In a Land Before iTunes
August 20, 2015

How the phonograph helped create a world revolution.

Dr. Dre Does It Again
August 10, 2015

Dr. Dre confronts his legacy on his new album Compton: A Soundtrack and the movie—Straight Outta Compton—that inspired it. 

This Teenage Duo Could Be the Future of Music—for Better and Worse
July 28, 2015

Independent musicians Jack & Jack topped Taylor Swift and Rihanna on iTunes last week. That's a reason to celebrate, and worry.

“Please Don’t Call Me On My Bluff”
July 13, 2015

Rihanna's "BBHMM" video has been celebrated for its progressiveness. But is it really?

It’s Not Easy Being a Guy in a Country Song, Either
July 08, 2015

The country genre is pretty dude-heavy. But the guys don’t have it easy.

My Idol, the "Worst Rapper Ever"
July 07, 2015

A passionate book can elevate even the most obscure rapper, with the weakest rhymes.

Rihanna Is No Pam Grier
July 07, 2015

"BBHMM" puts a materialistic spin on a social-justice blaxploitation classic.

Ornette Coleman, the Saxophonist Who Transformed Jazz
June 17, 2015

Ornette Coleman really was "Something Else!!!"