Naomi Wolf

Take the ‘Vagina’ Quiz
September 17, 2012

Can you tell the difference between Naomi Wolf's prose and Wiccan literature? Or Cosmo?

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
April 16, 2010

Rich Lowry accuses liberals who recoil at Tea Party paranoia of "hypocrisy": Only an overcaffeinated tea partier would believe that the U.S. is on the path from “an open society into dictatorship,” right?

Crying Wolf
March 31, 2010

The latest turn in the sad and increasingly bizarre career of Naomi Wolf is her newfound embrace of the Tea Party movement. Here she explains the harmonic convergence of left and right: JS: How is your comparison of Obama to Hitler any different from someone at a Tea Party holding up a placard of Obama with a Hitler mustache? NW: Those signs are offensive. If only the Holocaust was just about imposing health care on my people. Obama has done things like Hitler did. Let me be very careful here.

February 06, 2010

The Weekly Standard certainly knows how to attract readers. The magazine's new cover story, written by Charlotte Allen, is accompanied by a cover photo of a big-breasted woman in a red dress being approached from behind by a sleazy looking man. The cover text reads: "Thousands of years of human mating rituals are vanishing. Cro-Magnons are once again dragging their mates into their caves by their hair--and the women love every minute of it." Before metaphorically turning the page, I asked myself a question: How will Allen blame this state of affairs on the women's movement?

Jews Who Hate The Jews Who Hate Palin
January 08, 2010

The complaint of the Jewish Republican is a small but hardy feature of our political discourse. The complaint runs as follows: Jews are foolishly ignoring their self-interest by voting for Democrats on the basis of sentimental concerns (secularism, concern for the poor) rather than pursuing their true self interest (maximal hawkishness on the Middle East, low tax rates on the rich) as represented by the GOP. Occasionally these arguments take the form of gloating predictions that Jews will soon join other white ethnics in abandoning their hoary Democratic loyalties.

Life Lesson
February 07, 2005

Hillary Rodham Clinton is absolutely right. I've waited many years to write that sentence, but, hey, if you live long enough. ... I'm referring to her superb speech earlier this week on the politics and morality of abortion. There were two very simple premises to Clinton's argument: a) the right to legal abortion should remain, and b) abortion is always and everywhere a moral tragedy. It seems to me that if we are to reduce abortions to an absolute minimum (and who, exactly, opposes that objective?), then Clinton's formula is the most practical.