The Extraterrestrial Vote
July 16, 2015

On Pluto, aliens, John Podesta's X-Files obsession, and the 2016 election.

Space Scientists Tell Ted Cruz Why He Should Care About Earth
March 13, 2015

Ted Cruz wants NASA to focus less on the Earth. 

Ted Cruz Wonders Why NASA Scientists Should Study Planet Earth
March 12, 2015

Cruz wants scientists to look away from humans' impact on the planet. 

NASA: Get Ready for Terrifying Megadroughts, America
February 13, 2015

Here's what the future looks like if we don't stop global warming.

This Mesmerizing NASA Video Shows How Carbon Pollution Spreads Across the Planet
November 17, 2014

It will make you very, very afraid for Earth and her inhabitants.

How I Fell Out of Love with Space Tourism
September 16, 2014

Reinforced Biblical and Koranic beliefs are about the last thing we need from sending people into space...

The Right-Wing Press' New Climate Change Lie
August 10, 2014

No, global warming is not on "hiatus."

Ten Extraordinary Pictures From Mars
September 29, 2013

Since 2006, the observation satellite Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been charting Mars’s terrain with its HiRISE telescope. In the process, it has produced a series of stunning images that reveal the planet’s beautiful landscape.  

By Jupiter! Following Voyager 1's Mission
April 07, 1979

Those who are bored with space are bored with life.