New Yorker

Ignore the Cynics: 2016 Is an Extremely Important, Exciting Election
April 23, 2015

This election isn't as boring as the worst journalism written about it.

Why Are There So Many Orphans in the Comics?
July 20, 2014

Roz Chast's take on child/parent relationships and aging

How Could Two Puppets Provoke Such Rage?
June 28, 2013

Magazine covers—if I may risk journo-splaining here—are meant to be provocative. That is, they’re meant to provoke you to pick up the magazine while browsing at, say, Hudson News. Once you do so, it’s all over.

Obama's Timidity on Syria: Lessons from a Fiasco
May 08, 2013

A reporter who visited the White House last week brought back the news that the criticism of President Obama’s immobility about the Syrian disaster has “begun to sting.” Good. Something got through. 

In Praise of Janet Malcolm's Prickly Career
April 30, 2013

Perhaps more than any other journalist, Malcolm has influenced young reporters’ willingness to challenge the profession’s conventions.

We Know Everything About Celebrity Scientologists, But Nothing About Scientology
January 18, 2013

Most new religions, like most new businesses, die a quick crib death. Scientology, however, is not about to disappear. Scholars put the number of adherents in this country at about 25,000—a far cry from the millions of members its leaders claim, but hardly insignificant for a group that was founded about 50 years ago. Despite all its bad press, the allegations that it terrorizes its critics, its cult-like secrecy and hounding of apostates, and its very weird science-fiction cosmogony, it has become a part of the fabric of communities across the country.

The Big GOP Health Care Idea
February 17, 2010

The single most popular health care idea emanating from the right is to allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines. What a stupid idea, making people buy insurance only within their own state! Here's fabulist Betsy McCaughey making the case in a Wall Street Journal op-ed: Both parties should agree to liberate consumers to buy insurance outside their own state. A healthy 25-year-old New Yorker could cut his costs by two-thirds if permitted to shop on and buy coverage in another state. Now, think about this for a minute.