Nora Ephron

I Was a Teenage Objectivist
August 16, 2012

Though the stories are out in force now that he is the GOP’s vice presidential nominee, I could already tell that Paul Ryan was an admirer of Objectivism (though recently renounced).

Excellent New Art
January 12, 2011

There are many ways to prop up a currency artificially. “We’re wrestling with the same stuff as Rilke,” Bono recently told The New York Times about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the hapless Broadway wonder for which he collaborated on the music. More specifically, “Rilke, Blake, ‘Wings of Desire,’ Roy Lichtenstein, the Ramones.” I was not previously aware of the Rilkean elements in “Rockaway Beach.” Those elements Bono characterized as “the cost of feeling feelings,” which throws the Blakean dimension into question, but never mind. Precision is really not the point.

Julie & Julia & The Times
August 03, 2009

The Arts Section of today's New York Times carries a front-page ad for the movie Julie & Julia. It seems a bit unnecessary. After all, in the last five days, the Times has run at least four prominent stories about--or pegged to--Nora Ephron's latest film: this front-page Food Section article about the movie's food stylist; this front-page Arts & Leisure article about the film's portrayal of marriage; this Times Magazine cover story about cooking as spectator sport; and, finally, this Maureen Dowd column, which is little more than a Q&A with Ephron.