What Obama Should Say in His State of the Union But Probably Won't
January 19, 2015

Obama should take on the Supreme Court. Again. 

Red States Are Reinventing Medicaid to Make It More Expensive and Bureaucratic
January 18, 2015

That's how scared Republican governors are of the word "Obamacare."

The Republican Congress Has Done Nothing But Help Big Business
January 15, 2015

Even a Republican senator admits it.

A New Study Shows Why Obamacare Should Have Been Single-Payer
January 12, 2015

It would save us $375 billion a year.

The Three Worst Economic Predictions of 2014
Minimum wage hikes will cripple job growth? Long-term unemployment is tied to unemployment benefits? Obamacare will be a drain on the economy?
December 29, 2014

Obamacare will kill jobs? Try again, Ted Cruz.

Obamacare Enrollment Is Going Exactly as CBO Predicted—Just in Time for Republicans to Break the Agency
December 23, 2014

Republicans want to overhaul CBO precisely because it's working.